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Evaluation of lateral crural steal in nasal tip surgery

Patrocínio LG, Patrocínio TG, Barreto DM, Subhan YS, Patrocínio JA. Evaluation of lateral crural steal in nasal tip surgery. JAMA Facial Plast Surg. 2014 Nov-Dec;16(6):400-4. doi: 10.1001/jamafacial.2014.486. PMID: 25171047.

In this paper we evaluated the lateral crural steal, in closed rhinoplasty, with a collumelar strut. We found that, in our patients, we could increase rotation, but not projection. And for each mm of steal, we had a 4.7 degrees of increase in rotation.

This paper is from 2014 and has free access. The lateral crural steal, which is still our workhorse, but, nowadays, with lateral crural tensioning things have changed and we use the septal extension graft to counter-rotate the tip when we "steal" too much to tension the lateral crus and also to control the projection. Anyway, I think it is helpful to have in mind these and other data that we have in this paper to help plan a lateral crural steal.

Lucas Patrocinio

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